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Video on the evolution of orphan genes

The video explains how new genes originate. Whereas many genes are formed by duplication of preexisting genes others arise directly from genomic regions by still poorly understood mechanisms. The latter genes are called orphan genes and represent radically new evolutionary … Continue reading

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Origin of orphan genes

Many new genes arise by gene duplication but others arise de novo from previously non-transcribed regions. The latter type of genes are “orphans” because they cannot be associated with any other genes by sequence similarity searches. The mechanisms by which … Continue reading

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Article in New Scientist on orphan genes

ALL ALONE Genes from nowhere: Orphans with a surprising story 16 January 2013 by Helen Pilcher NOT having any family is tough. Often unappreciated and uncomfortably different, orphans have to fight to fit in and battle against the odds to … Continue reading

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