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William R. Blevins, Lucas B. Carey, M.Mar Albà

Transcriptomics data of 11 species of yeast identically grown in rich media and oxidative stress conditions (Article)

BMC Research Notes, 12 pp. 250, 2019.

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William R. Blevins, Jorge Ruiz-Orera, Xavier Messeguer, Bernat Blasco-Moreno, José Luis Villanueva-Cañas, Lorena Espinar, Juana Díez, Lucas B. Carey, M. Mar Albà

Frequent birth of de novo genes in the compact yeast genome (Article)

bioRxiv, March 13, 2019.

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Willam Blevins, M.Mar Albà, Lucas Carey

Comparative transcriptomics and ribo-seq: Looking at de novo gene emergence in Saccharomycotina (Conference)

PeerJ preprints 5 (e3030v1), 2017, (The SMBE 2017 Collection).

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van Dijk, David, Dhar, Riddhiman, Missarova, Alsu M, Espinar, Lorena, Blevins, William R, Lehner, Ben, Carey, Lucas B

Slow-growing cells within isogenic populations have increased RNA polymerase error rates and DNA damage (Article)

Nature Communications, 6 pp. 7972, 2015, ISBN: 10.1038/ncomms8972.

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