We are accepting informal applications from outstanding predoctoral and postdoctoral candidates to pursue research on comparative genomics and evolution.
Postdoctoral candidates should have a proven research record, with at least one published paper as first author. Predoctoral candidates should
have an excellent academic record (average mark of at least 2.5, corresponding to second first or first class). We offer a highly stimulating
research environment in a well-established international research centre (PRBB).

Regular calls:

  • Postdoctoral contracts “Beatriu Pinos Programme” from the Catalan Government:
    Beatriu Pinos

  • Postdoctoral contracts “Juan de la Cierva Programme” from the Spanish Ministry of Science:
    Juan de la Cierva

  • Postdoctoral contracts “Marie Curie” from the European Commission:
    Marie Curie

  • Ph.D. grants Spanish Government (FPU):

  • Ph.D. grants from the Catalan Government:

  • Ph.D. grants from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs: